Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Soft and Fluffy Pumpkin Cookie Recipe, Worth Sinking Your Teeth In To

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Today Sierra is going to bake one of our family’s favorite recipes pumpkin cookies. The Recipe info is available at the bottom of the page. This recipe is incredible the cookies come out soft and fluffy and fill the house with spicy cookie aromas. Take two sticks of butter and put them in your mixer.
Add 1 cup of sugar to the mixer.
Sierra finds when making this cookie recipe it is easier to load the mixing bowl with your ingredients first and then put it on the mixer. After adding the sugar and butter to the mixer have a parent turn on the mixer. It is very important that the child does not get too close to the mixer while it is running.
Level off the flour using a butter knife.
While the mixer is creaming the butter and sugar for our cookies measure two cups of flour into a sifter. (Note we have skipped sifting the flour in the past and the cookies still turned out fine although it is good practice when baking to sift your flour.)
Add a cup of pumpkin to the mixer. We accidently added the whole can the pumpkin cookies turned out fine. I do suggest following the recipe though.
Crack one egg into a bowl. If there are any egg shells remove them before putting the egg into the mixer.
Sierra suggests using pure vanilla it just tastes better than imitation vanilla.
Measure 1 teaspoon vanilla over a small bowl that way if there is any accidental spilling it won’t go into the final product. Add the vanilla to the cookie mixture.
Mix the contents together. Remember an adult should help with this part.
Measure two cups of your sifted flour into another bowl. You will most likely find that you have extra flour left over put the remaining flour back in the flour sack. The extra amount is there because we sifted the flour. In our case we had a 1/4 cup extra flour after sifting.
Measure ½ tsp of the baking powder and level it off put the baking powder into the flour mixture.
Add 1 tsp baking soda into your flour mixture.
Add 1 tsp cinnamon into the mix.
Add ½ tsp salt.
Add ½ tsp nutmeg.
Stir the dry ingredients together.
Now it is time to add the dry ingredients to the pumpkin cookie mixture.
Combine slowly at first be careful not to dust your kitchen with flour. Then speed it up so every thing is mixed well. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Remember you can watch but don’t touch. The mixer can be dangerous.
Raisins are a nice addition to the recipe. We chose not to add walnuts to this recipe but if you want them you would add them now.
Sierra won’t need the beater anymore time to take a break.
Put parchment paper onto the cookie sheet.
Use a spoon and finger to put cookie dough into the cookie sheet. (Note: We make much bigger cookies than the recipe calls for see recipe below if you want to make them smaller.)
Keep the cookies separated they will grow a little bit when they bake.
Bake the cookies in batches. Our cookies baked 17 min for each batch check them at 15 min if they look done touch one if it bounces back like a cake then they are ready. Let the completed cookies cool on the pan while the other cookies are baking. Before the next batch is ready move the cookies to a cooling rack. It’s ok to reuse the parchment paper. Your house should smell very good by now.
Enjoy! The Cookies will go quickly it’s probably a good idea to double the recipe. I skipped icing the cookies I think they are fine without the icing.

You can find the recipe we used to make these cookies at: Pumpkin Cookie recipe (This link opens in a new window)

Sierra and I hope that you all enjoy this cookie recipe. Please feel free to leave comments below let us know how we are doing. If any of you try out a recipe please let us know how it turned out.

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