Monday, July 20, 2009

Sierra Makes an Easy Pizza Recipe that Your Family is sure to Love

Typically pizza recipes call for cooking spray. Sierra and I both think Olive Oil tastes better. So add a Table spoon or two of olive oil to the baking sheet.
Use a paper towel or your hands to rub the oil around the cookie sheet so your pizza wont stick.
Wash your vegetables.
Make this pizza recipe your own. You can choose any vegetables your family likes. We chose red bell peppers because they taste sweet when cooked, Tomatoes because they add moisture and flavor when they cook, Green onions and fresh baby spinach because they add color and smell good when they cook. What ever recipe you choose make sure you don’t over do it if you add too many toppings to your pizza then it wont turn out. Less is more when it comes to good pizza.
Have a parent cut the vegetables and put them into small bowls so it will be easy for the child to place them on the pizza.
You can use any Pizza crust you choose. We opted to go with premade pizza dough because it was convenient and inexpensive. The Pizza dough we chose cost about $2.00. If you have the time you could easily make your own pizza dough. Remember when opening a pizza dough container the contents are under pressure so the trick is to not allow the child to open it too close to their face be ready to catch the pizza dough if they drop it when it startles them. I wish I was faster with the camera I would have loved to catch the expression on Sierras face when it popped.
Spread the pizza dough onto the cookie sheet.
Pizza dough should be flat on the bottom and the dough should be slightly raised around the edges.

Pour pizza sauce into a ½ cup measuring cup. Sierra used a bowl to make sure she didn’t make a mess.

Pour the Pizza sauce onto the pizza dough.
Spread the pizza sauce around onto the pizza use the back of the measuring cup to make it easy. The ½ cup of Pizza sauce seems thin but it was perfect.
Put a thin layer of Mozzarella Cheese onto the Pizza.
Add the green onions to the pizza.
Add the red peppers and Tomatoes to the Pizza.
Add the fresh Spinach to the pizza. Spinach is healthy and tasty the family will love it if presented properly. Sierra says to never use spinach from a can.
Add sliced ham to the pizza remember your family can chose any toppings they like. Then sprinkle more Mozzarella cheese onto the top of the pizza.
Admire your work! Go Sierra Go!
Cook Pizza at 425 degrees ours took 15 min to cook. I would check the pizza after cooking it for 13 min and then adjust the cooking time based on how brown and bubbly the top is. Dinner is served.

Don't forget the Cinnamon Bread sticks found here: Sierra's Cinnamon Bread Sticks Recipe


1 Can Pillsbury pizza crust
1/2 cup Ragu pizza sauce

Toppings: (toppings can be substituted)
Mozzarella Cheese (amount based on your tastes don't over do it.)
1 cup ham
1 cup tomatoes
1 cup red bell peppers
1 cup green onions
1 cup spinach

Sierra and I would love to hear from all of you. Feel free to write a comment let us know how we are doing.


  1. Pizza looks great and the blog is very easy for Hailee and I to follow! Are you going to be doing a post about those awesome pumpkin cookies? Id love to see it, and get the recipe too.

  2. I am glad you are enjoying the blog. I am working on the pumpkin cookie post now the pictures turned out great. It should be another exciting one. Let us know if you and Hailee end up trying any of these recipes out together. The chicken and pizza recipes are good ones to start out on. The cookies are more difficult over all.

  3. I there, again. Just an update that we tried the pizza recipe. We opted for no ham as we don't eat pork, and replaced them with chicken. Still came out great!

  4. Awesome! We have been having fun with the pizza recipe also. Last night Sierra chose mushrooms, olives, green onions, and pineapple. Turned out great. I think the best thing about this recipe is how easy it is to make. We seem to make it when everyone is tired and not in the mood for extensive cooking.