Monday, August 24, 2009

A Banana Bread Recipe So Good, We Almost Missed Getting Pictures of the Second Loaf Before It Was Gone.

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There is something special about the smell of Banana Bread baking in the oven. We doubled this recipe and were glad we did because the Banana Bread didn’t last through the second day. Parents remember if you are cooking with your kids try to be patient baking can get messy.

(Important: we doubled the recipe)

Measure 4 cups of flour into your sifter.
Sierra uses a butter knife to level off the flour.
Sifting the flour helps loosen the flour up ensuring that there is no clumps of flour in the final product.
After sifting the flour measure 4 cups out of the sifted flour into another bowl. If there is any flour left over put it back into the flour bag.
Measure 2 tsp baking powder add it to the flour.
Add ½ tsp salt to the flour.
Add two sticks of butter to your stand mixer.
Add 1 ½ cups of Brown Sugar to the butter.
Cream Butter and Sugar together.
Use Ripe Bananas. It’s worth the wait. Grocery stores typically put the riper bananas off to the side buying already ripened bananas helps. Putting the bananas into a closed brown paper bag on the counter will also help them ripen quicker. Watch them closely if you put the bananas into a brown paper bag. The bananas can spoil quickly if you are not paying attention.
Crush the bananas. Your hands are a great tool for this job. Sierra loved this job. Go ahead and preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
Measure 4 2/3 cups of smashed bananas into your mixing bowl. I think it took around 10 Bananas.
Crack 4 eggs into a small bowl. (to avoid getting egg shells into the mixture)
Pour the eggs into the banana mixture.
Mix the banana mixture you don’t have to make it perfectly smooth its ok to have some banana chunks left over.
Pour flour mixture into the banana mixture.
Mix the batter slowly at first. Be careful not to dust your kitchen.
Grease your bread pans.
Pour the banana bread mixture into the bread pans. Grip the pan firmly with both hands shake back and forth to smooth the batter out in the pan.
Take a moment to admire your work. Bake Banana Bread for 60 to 65 minutes insert a toothpick after 60 min if it comes out clean its done. Let Banana bread cool in pan for 10 minutes, then use a knife and gently slide it around the edges of the pan place bread on a wire rack to finish cooling.

The Banana Bread was very good warm. Though, I liked the Banana bread even more after putting it in the refridgerator overnight.
Some treasures are more valuable than gold. This picture reminds me of when I was in Pre School. When I was growing up I was hyperactive and my parents managed my hyperactivity by not allowing me to have sweets. So every day my class mates would have snack time and I was not allowed to have anything. One day my mom made a Carrot Cake for my class as it was my turn to share. The teacher asked me if I was planning on sharing the Carrot cake with the class. I said nope and dug in. When I got to my car I had saved a small piece of cake for my mom. She asked “how did your class like the cake?” I said “I was supposed to share?” She was so mad at me.

You can find the recipe here: (This link opens in a new window)


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